Mark is joining forces with the Harbor Music Group, which consists of producers Warren Huart (The Fray), and Jack Douglas (Aerosmith)

Mark will be entering the studio on Jan 12th at Edwin McCain's Whitestone Studios to record a 3-song EP.

He has inked a new regional mgmt/booking contract with Amanda Brett, and will begin booking a 2-month US tour for Spring 2013.

Mark will be a guest lecturer at Greenville High School in January to talk about his experiences in Touring, Songwriting, and How to Succeed in the Music Business.

Stay tuned for New Pics, Tour dates, Videos, Songs, and Updates!

Mark Smith is a musician, songwriter, producer, and teacher. He has toured with major label artists; is an in-demand session player; and provides private tutoring and workshops covering a wide variety of music-related topics.

Mark has traveled the world performing, songwriting, teaching and touring. He brings his experience, enthusiasm and passion for music to every project he is associated with.


  ► "... A very talented pop/rock songwriter and musician."
  ► "... Mark can rip with the best of them."
  ► "... Amazing songwriting and artist development ideas."
  ► "... I would definitely recommend taking lessons from him."
  ► "... Mark's 'session' side is very business oriented and professional."
  ► "... Definitely a guy to watch for in the future!"
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